Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Clothes Horse - The Cool Camels of Southwest Asia

Leah of Weather in the Streets fame loves clothes. She says, "I love clothes, for the way they costume, disguise, transmogrify, inspire, keep me warm...I love clothes, and the little bits of things, earrings, lace scarves, shoes, that come with..."

I think that everyone has "some memorable bits of sartorial flotsam and jetsam" in their closet. In her most recent posting Leah asks, "what is your favorite piece of clothing, past or present?"

This is mine ...

I got this 22nd Ordnance Battalion T-shirt when my battalion rotated back to the United States from Saudi Arabia after Desert Storm and the work after the Liberation of Kuwait was complete. I was a Captain back then and was very happy to be getting back to the world. One of our warrant officers, a chief named Lindermann, drew the image for this and all of us bought one of the shirts they had made with it. This one has never been worn. It was too small for me even then.

My time with this large provisional ammunition battalion that was scattered across northern Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the war was the most memorable time of my life. It ranks right up there with the birth of my son and his graduation from school. He was two when I left for the desert that first time. Then and for the longest time he thought that I was an airplane pilot because I was gone so much and the only times he got to see me were punctuated by trips to an airfield. That's the life of a soldier though.

I'm not sure I can relate the kinship a person has with the soldiers they serve with during war, but for those who know it, there is nothing like it. In a lot of ways it was the best part of my life, but its also one that I wouldn't wish off on anyone. If that makes sense to you, then you understand the veterans' dilemma.

Even if you don't support the current war, whatever it's about and where ever it is, please support the troops and their families.


kylie said...

i'm so sorry that war seems inevitable at times but i am most grateful that there are soldiers and families who are prepared to make the neccessary sacrifices.

i like the artwork on the shirt, what a shame you've never got to wear it.

best wishes

The Idle Devil said...

One of the most difficult things a soldier must do is leave his/her family behind and face the uncertainties of war. I cannot even imagine what that time must have been like. Its so important for civilians to support those who are putting their lives on the line to protect every citizen of their country, what you say is true.

Mel said...

Thank you--for your service and for your honour to those who stood with you.

Lavinia said...

What a colourful past you have. I had no idea that you had served in Arabia. Every time I come here I seem to learn more and more about the mysterious and enigmatic Mr. Skeeter.

Monkey Toe Momma said...

That shirt is awesome. The memory behind it makes it that much more special. And, it's exclusive. What could be better?

I don't know if I have anything that I can call my favorite clothing item. My clothes have become less important to me as I grow older. Of course, I want to look nice, but I'm happy with a warn pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Now, my favorites are things that I love to see on my children, because I feel, they are a reflection of me as a parent.

Amber Star said...

Somehow I do understand the cameraderie of military service, even though I've have never been in or married to it, either.

We learn a little about each other when we visit over time. I had no idea you had been over there or that you had a son.

Employee No. 3699 said...

First I'd like to thank you for your service to our country. It's too bad you never got to wear the T-shsirt.

I don't have a favorite piece of clothing, but I do have a pair of sandals I'm partial to.

sharilyn said...

firstly, THANK YOU for your service in the military! i am grateful for men and women like you! secondly, i think it's funny that i posted a shirt yesterday, too! : ) thirdly, have a great day, skeeter!

Leni Qinan said...

Wow Skeeter, I'm impressed! You served in Arabia after the Gulf war!

My grandfather is a retired General and was always an admirable man of peace. I also have some friends serving in peace missions in places like Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan and patrolling the Indian ocean, protecting the civilian ships working there.

Maintaining peace and security is one of their most important tasks.

So Skeeter, my recognition and admiration.

Leah said...

Skeeter, that is one of the coolest posts ever.

One of Sarge's favorite piece of clothing, similarly, is a t-shirt from his Army days. That t-shirt is on its last legs, but will never ever be tossed.

zirelda said...

I'm not crazy about the war but I do support the troops and their families.

Nice shirt.

Technonana said...

Because I have brothers who have served, and one who still works for the federal government... I kinda understand your feelings for those you served with.
I have many neighbors who are in the service... because we live so close to a Fort. And DO I EVER appreciate their service!!!
Thank you for yours!!! Thanks for keeping My Family and me safe!!
May God bless you richly for the love you have shown for our country.

Harshita said...

Yeah! its true... a soldier's life is really tuff but then these guys are respected people...

I respect them for whatever they do for us, civilians.