Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish for your body?

I wish that I had as much balance as this little image. I love the sweeping "S" curve of this yard from the flowers up the stairs to the bush up to the explosion of leafy green to the left behind.

Balance. It's good thing.


Harshita said...

Is that your house?

Wow! the flowers look beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Wow, you know me and shrubs! Nice. Azaleas I assume? Your house? No. Harshita, no. Trust me. What? I know those are NOT your azaleas.

Yes, I got your message. Too funny. Yes, they launder well. Too bad your kids are all grown up. Perhaps you need more pets in order to save and rescue stuffed animals. Or perhaps you and the "Misses" can get busy populating the planet one more time in an effort to save the wee ones. Why? Because you can never have enough stuffed animals!

NO! I'm not kiding!


Genie Sea said...

As Skeeter wishes for herself, so I wish for her also! :)

May beautiful balance guide you everywhere :)

Kim said...

What a lovely wish :) As Skeeter wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Jamie said...

As Skeeter wishes for himself, so I wish for him also.

It's taken me quite a long time to see Balance as a good thing - but I think you're right. And the image of those glorious flowers helps :)

Welcome to Wishcasting!

Holly said...

Welcome aboard the Wishcasting wildness. We love it here and happy to have another wisher of good things...balance is a fab one!

So, as Skeeter wishes for herself, so I lovingly and with intention, wish for her also!

Employee No. 3699 said...

There seems to be some confusion here as to whether you're a he or a she. Skeeter wishes for 'himself', so I wish for him also.

Balance is a good thing.

Wine and Words said...

What do I wish for my body? Well I have enough curves, sweeping or otherwise. I'll take a little less...a nip here, a tuck there. If only the body were so easily pruned! *sigh*

Amber Star said...

I agree with the last one about wishing I could shape my body a little more in the style it should be. *L* Not gonna happen right away, dude.

Anonymous said...

Hi Skeeter!

Oh is this another theme thing, like Theme Thursday?

Looks like your next wish will be that you are not mistaken for a She!

What do I wish for my body? Well I am quite happy with it really- it's a bit like a old car- paintwork faded, a few bumps and scrapes but mostly in good running order!

KnittingJourneyman said...

As Skeeter wishes for herself I so wish for her as well.

Suzanne said...

Cinnamon, you crack me up. Okay, I'm going to be really subtle here...

SKEETER'S A GUY!!! Skeeter, you haven't mislead me all these years, right?!!! Good lord, this is one of the funniest comment pages ever! The more I read, the more I laughed. Thanks!

I didn't realize I was supposed to "wishcast." My body's okay, but I wish I had better health. I'll be back next Wednesday. Ahhhhhhh, just kidding, probably be back Monday.

I think the "Mrs." should probably take you shopping for bras, panties, some heals and a classic black dress. What? You'll look marvelous.



Mel said...

Balance by whose definition?
Perhaps it already is balanced as it is suppose to be?

Just sayin'...

And it is a lovely view.
I wish for you the peace of knowing things are exactly as they're suppose to be, today.


Maria said...

God, it is so pretty it almost hurts.

Lavinia said...

That is a lovely photo. Balance, lovely flowing shapes....

What do I wish for my body? That it holds out for several more decades so that I can do all I want to do upon this earth!