Thursday, October 08, 2009

Baby Feet

This is sooooo ... my fault. Am I bad?


kylie said...

bad for getting bub's feet dirty?

this is gorgeous

reminds me of the time my mum saw tiny footprints up the steps to the dentist's surgery and commented to me later. little had she known that the prints belonged to her grand daughters. i had been there to pay a bill and had taken the barefoot urchins with me

Leah said...

You aren't bad, it's hilarious. And very sweet.

Cinnamon said...

much funnier than writing 'clean me' on the car!

Brandy Rose said...

Aw, I haven't made baby feet on the back of someone else's car in FOREVER! lol, very funny.

Amber Star said... not bad...just funny. really need to wash yer car, though. :)

We got LOTS AND LOTS of rain last night, and I'm guessin you did, too.

Leni Qinan said...

Nooo not bad!This is very funny and sweet!

bindhiya said...

Sooo cute!!!!

Hope you having good week.
♥ & ((hugs))

Maria said...

I think it is very not bad. Very sweet. In fact, is close to adorable.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh...I think it's so bad I'm gonna steal it. *laughing*

I'm with ya!

*evil laugh*
Will execute the plan tomorrow!