Friday, January 26, 2007

An old fashioned highball

"Rogue Angel: The Spider Stone" is an old fashioned highball. It's a big shot of action in an ice cold world, lightning fast pacing to fill and garnished with a sacred stone from the heart of Africa. It's intoxicating and fun.

The action in this story is positively breathtaking. An experienced hand wrote this book and it shows. That hand has been in the dojo, doubled into a fist and smashed through some bricks. That hand recognizes the feel of steel, has cradled a blade and known a sword as weapon and a friend. That brings an edgy reality to the action sequences that pop right off the page.

Annja Creed is a heroine with a mission from the highest power. She's definitely not one of Alcott's little women "taught by weal and woe to love and labor ..." She's on the other end of the pendulum's arc with Laura Croft and Electra. She is a hero in the ultramodern sense, and that is the story's only flaw. She is unshackled by uncertainty, romantic interest, or existential introspection. I missed the depth that would have brought to her character. But this isn't a tea and crumpets romance, it is an unapologetic action thriller, and it earns its chops.

"Rogue Angel: The Spider Stone" stays true to its theme rooted deep in a constant opposition of light and shadow. Alex Archer's commitment to plain prose makes this story read fast and sure.
Annja Creed has the avenging sword and social compass of Saint Joan of Arc. And that's just for starters. This story takes Annja Creed across the world on a quest to protect a sacred stone. Yes, the trail is bumpy, dangerous and littered with plenty of bad guys. I'm glad I went Annja on this adventure. You will be glad too. Highly recommended.


Katie said...

Wow. That is a fantastic review! So well written! :)

Katie said...

thanks for the poem Don :)