Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brilliant! Milk coming out of your nose funny.

"The Pop-up Book of Sex" is kinetic brilliance! It's so funny, milk coming out of your nose kind of funny, that it's got to be illegal somewhere.

What pops up in this book is naughty, but nice. It's missionary when the mood is right. It yodels in the canyon. It spanks with a feather duster. It even does it a mile high.

The illustrations by Balvis Rubess are wonderful, but the real magic of this book are the pop-ups by Kees Moerbeek. The feather duster spanking pop up really spanks! It was so loud that shoppers in the bookstore came over for a look. The next thing you know, there was a crowd laughing right out loud to a doggy-style pop up popping like a pan of Jiffy Pop on the surface of the Sun.* This is going to be the best twelve page coffee table book ever!

This pop-up book is not for kids. It includes content, images and themes of an adult, sexual, or controversial nature.

* P's o'plenty, if you please, and I do, thank you very much.

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Katie said...

hahahaa. that sounds fantastic. I can't believe there is a sex pop up book. I'm going to have to find it now!