Monday, December 17, 2007

Mel Odom does Geekerati Radio

Local author and writing instructor, Mel Odom, appeared on Geekerati Radio. Mel has written more than 150 novels and can always be counted on for a great interview.

The Geekerati folks entitled tonights forum: "Fantasy on Film: From the Printed Page to the Silver Screen". The teaser read like this ...

The new millennium has seen a resurgence of fantasy on the silver screen. Some of these films have been spectacular, and financially successful, but others have failed to bring the audiences studios might have expected. Are we at a crest on a roller coaster of quality, or is it a sign of more good fantasy to come? Join the geeks and our guests, fantasy/sf author Mel Odom and Medieval Literature professor Richard Scott Nokes, as we discuss our favorite fantasy films.

They finally got to Mel with just 15 minutes left in the show. Mel was in fine form. I had to make some notes along the way ...

Hawk the Slayer? Wow, now that one takes me back. I didn’t think that anyone had seen that picture. AND a plug for a “Portrait of Jennie”! Nice. It’s my absolute favorite. Oh and then he goes into a discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ...

To wrap things up, the moderators tossed a curve ball at him. The moderators had some prize to give away, so they needed a trivia question to make a contest of it. So, they let Mel come up with the trivia question. The first person to answer at wins the prize - a one sheet movie poster from "The Golden Compass".

The trivia question he asked was - In the story "Mysterious Island", Captain Nemo supposed got blown up and the Nautilus was damaged and sank to the bottom of the sea. What popular fiction author supposedly revealed the resting place (location) of the Nautilus?

Now that’s quite a trivia question. Do you know the answer?

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savannah_rae said...

Hello! And thank you for your comment and support. =]

I really enjoyed your "Femme Fatale" blog. Do you really believe that that photo album was just left there, or could your great uncle have had a connection with her? Interesting!

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