Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rocking the Bird-spa

I was lucky enough to be able to find and buy a chainsaw yesterday. Everyone in the area needs one to clear the downed trees. The weatherman says that it will snow this weekend, so it's a rush to get at least a little cleaned up in the yard before then. Here's a look at my front yard:

Down at the Pond, life has taken a turn also. One of our intrepid Homeowners calls in the ducks and farm geese whenever the weather gets bad. He bribes them to come into his garage with a hefty sack of cracked corn. There he locks them in for the duration with a plastic kiddie pool of water, a mountain of Homeowner's Association Cracked-Corn and a good dose of warmth from his central heat and air. None of them has ever complained about the Homeowner's Association "Bird-spa", but the wadding pool gets a little funky after a couple of days.

A couple of things happen whenever the ducks and geese are rocking in the "Bird-spa". The one that almost always makes the newspaper begins with an unusual noise complaint - which leads to a police visit - which leads to an investigation - which leads to "THE MAN" discovering the lounging ducks - which leads to a citation for "Harboring domestic livestock within the city limits" - which leads to a court appearance, and finally which leads to a $120 fine. Since judges are retained by popular vote in this state, I urge EVERYONE to please vote to dump every judge (except for Lucas and Heatherington) at the next general election.

The next thing that happens at the pond is Evil. Everything is super quiet down at the pond ... until Nature elects to fill the ecosystem vacuum left by the vacationing domestic ducks and geese. Such vacuums are usually filled by poo-chumming Canadians.

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TerriRainer said...

OMG! I love your stories about the pond. Your commentary is, as always, colorful and sure to make me smile!

I look forward to more stories this spring, as I am sure your fine-feathered friends will provide you with a plethora of new stories, that only YOU can turn into the gems that I read here on your blog!