Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hairy Cherries, Fidel

The ducks morning swim was interrupted by some political news from Cuba. President 4 Life and Butthole in Chief, Fidel Castro, announced that he did not aspire to nor would accept the Presidency of Cuba (or any number of other positions ... most of which have been photographed by the CIA). This called for a celebratory lap around the old pond.

This is not a political blog, and I hate to make it so, but I make an exception for Fidel Castro. There are few people in the world who have done as much damage to a nation as Fidel Castro and his gang have. Even though this isn't the end of his corrupt ideology, it is the end for him. It's about time too. Hopefully it won't take too long for the world to be finally free of this monster. Until you're finally in Hell, Fidel, have a hairy cherry.


TerriRainer said...

WTF us a hairy cherry????????

I was just discussing this (Cuba, not the hairy cherry, although it does have erotica potential) with a friend in Florida earlier today.

From what she had heard, Fidel's brother will probably be taking over (could be wrong here).

I just kept shaking my head and missing the good old days when a country got fed up and just took over (a few hundred years ago).

The US should over-run the govt, wipe the streets w/ those idiots, and turn Cuba into an all-inclusive resort, each room with a complimentary box of Cuban cigars.

Maybe I should run for President...


Skeeter said...


A hairy cherry is more formally known as a rambutan. They are common fruits in the Far East and are related to the lychee. They taste like that except they aren't as sweet. Calling them hairy cherries just makes 'em sound dirty, doesn't it?

TerriRainer said...

Thanks for clearing that up Don!

As you should know by now, my mind can usually be found in the GUTTER!


Suzanne said...

I'm still laughing at both of you! Brilliant!

I bet Bindi would know what a Hairy Cherry is, wouldn't she?

Great post. Congrat to all of you. His brother's going to take over, so perhaps things won't change quickly, but eventually.

I'm trying to play catch-up after such a long absence. It's good to be here. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement through my illness. I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting there. It was/is the flu. Be careful and stay as far away from it as possible (both of you), it's the kiss of death.

Much love,

Robyn said...

I am falling out laughing from reading most of your posts! OMGosh! Suzanne sent me over and boy I'm I glad she did! You really have a way with words. hariy cheery?! Thanks for clearing that up Don! And yes that does make it sound nasty...LMAO!

bindhiya said...

My goodness!!! I got a good laugh reading the post...after reading all of the comments..laughing more..
Suze, I saw them at supermarkets here..not in kerala...our fruits mainly mangoes, banana, papaya from our backyard...we try not to buy from market...we have so much in house already even to share with neighbors and friends. so no need to get it from market..apples, oranges and grapes we will by once in a while...if pappa go to market..
Thanks for the good laughs!
Poor ducks!
Peace and love