Monday, February 04, 2008

The Snowbirds of Super Tuesday

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and our weather forecast looks to be a bad one. That usually means low turn outs at the polls unfortunately. I want to encourage everyone to get out there and vote your conscience. That's only vote a person can cast without remorse. Many places will have other issues on the ballot like school bond elections and sales tax proposals. Please consider these issues carefully. Because so many people won't bother to vote at all, the vote you cast is very important indeed.

The last time the weather forecast was like this, we had a nice skiff of snow to show for it. The birds at the pond didn't mind it a bit. Here are some pictures to the birds enjoying the snow.

Now that they've seen me, or should I say the sack of cracked corn I'm carrying, I'm becoming popular.

Can you tell that we've got a several newcomers there. I'm trying to find out what they are and I hope to have more pictures soon. I've been trying to almost five years now to get a good picture of the blue heron that picks the occasional sunfish out of the pond.

Another couple domestic (farm) geese have decided to join our happy community. I don't mind if you bring your birds by and let them join the family. Please consider the adoption FINAL, once you close your car door and drive away. We will feed them and care for them from that point forward. We do not appreciate it when you bring our birds home with you for ... dinner on Easter Sunday.

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