Saturday, November 29, 2008

Comfort Food

Bedlam! Tonight is the night. Our beloved Sooners will battle our toothless, redneck Cowboy cousins from Stillwater. The tickets are practically impossible to get, but I have an extra for you if you'd like to come. How? We have an expression for it here ... even blind hogs root acorns. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Before the big game, it's time for some comfort food. When in Stillwater, Oklahoma, there is only one choice for that - Chili cheese fries at Eskimo Joe's, that jumpin' little juke joint just a block and change from the stadium.

I didn't get a good picture of it, but there is a weird snow/mud combination overshoe and boot thing that people are wearing up here around campus. Now, I appreciate individual expression and that sort of thing, but this is one of the stupidest things of all time. Shoes this ugly are ... birth control devices! Friends should not let friends be this stupid.

The place has been here forever and it's patchwork history really shows.

On the inside, it's plenty cozy, warm and fun. The beer flows to be sure, and the menu here is great, but the shirt shop is the real gem. Be sure to get a souvenir.

Something is always going on at Eskimo Joe's. Check out the website or call ahead.

When our good old comfort food arrived, it was GREAT! It covered an entire oversize dinner plate too. It is just plain good every time I come here. Let's eat and then get over to the stadium. We're gonna need a little extra time coz we're gonna have to climb all the way up to the stratosphere to find our seats.

Just in case anyone asks when you visit Stillwater, please remember that the difference between Culture and Agriculture is 90 short miles; that is, the distance between the University of Oklahoma in Norman and the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Boomer Sooner! Go Sooners!

It has been one helluva fortnight kids. "It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life." Joseph Campbell said that and he was right. In all that darkness, how do you actually find these "treasures of life"? Simply enough he went on to say, "Where you stumble, there lies your treasure." Miss Sunshine, how much longer do we have to keep tripping over each like this? It's you. It's always been you. You are my heart, my love and my greatest treasure.

Will you have some chili cheese fries with me ... again?


Leah said...

My heart skipped a happy little beat when I saw your new post! I can honestly say I would have missed you and your presence very much.

And hints at a romantic mystery, known only to you and Sunshine--but if I guess correctly, well, suffice it to say, long marriages endure a great deal, and recover from a great deal, that's how they are long-lived--but I won't extend my curiousity into your business, and just leave with a wave from a distance at you and yours--a friendly wave, a wave of encouragement--

and oh boy, chili cheese fries are the best

Suzanne said...

I'm with Leah. When I saw you at the Wild Onion I couldn't click fast enough to get here. At first I was pissed because I didn't want to hear about the Sooners!!! I wanted the freakin' answer. And there it was. Leah said it all so beautifully, so you won't have to endure my glob of words. Just know I love Joseph Campbell, so his quotes brought joy to my heart. Thanks for finding your way because you would have been missed terribly.

My love to you and Mrs. Sunshine. Find your bliss.


P.S. Go Sooners (if it doesn't hurt a redneck). What?

Eva said...

I figured that the sunshine must have left your corner of the world momentarily, causing you to write your previous post. For days now, I have been humming, "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone." I truly hope your find your sunshine again. :)

Kookaburra said...

Maaate! Does this mean you're back?
Please say it's so. I played the Youtube Video of Oklahoma State New Fight Song:

The whistling tune reminded me of an old tv show, "The Andy Griffith Show".


Megan said...

It was, indeed, Bedlam.

kylie said...

welcome back skeeter

Harshita said...

Oh! How much I missed you on the blog...

Thanks God you are back... Stay and the Sunshine will stay forever. :)

Mmmmm... Chilli Cheese Fries...Yummy!

Miles McClagan said...

I watched the game on ESPN in Australia today...the OK fight song makes me think entirely of the wrestling commentator Jim Ross cultural world!

zirelda said...


Thank you so much for taking us to the game and the chili fries and everything.

And I'm so glad you're back.

I hope there are many many wonderful chili cheese fries for you and Miss Sunshine.

Maria said...

I watched that game! And it was pretty interesting until the very end when it was clear that they weren't going to be able to beat you.

I confess here and now to um...okay..taking my life in my hands, I suppose...rooting for against the Sooners. But, I am still sore from the beating your team gave my boys not so long ago.

Still...all in all...a pretty good game and were the Sooners just shocked that it was so hard to beat them? I mean, I hadn't even planned to watch the game, figured it would be a blow out. But...Bing turned it on and it was so exciting that we both watched til the end.

TerriRainer said...


BCS came out, and it looks like you'll be headin North next weekend, then hopefully you can head to the Sunshine State next and it'll make ya feel better (or worse?)!

:) Terri

Technonana said...

We watched the game... and were pulling for those Sooners!!!
after all our Gamecocks lost to our Redneck cousins!! Ugh!! Bragging rights you know!!!
Love those chilli cheese fries!!
There is a place in downtown Columbia that makes Pimento cheese fries... sounds strange, but they are really pretty good!!