Monday, November 24, 2008


Life is supposed to be happy and full of Sunshine. Mine isn't. Going to sign off and follow the Sun.

Thanks for stopping by.


Harshita said...

Uhuh! Skeeter,

What happened? I hope alls well with your life.

Please take your time and be back soon.

Will pray for your well-being before sleeping tonite.

Miss You
Your Fan

Leah said...

Oh dear. My thoughts and prayers are with you, whatever's going on...come back if ever you can; your blog has been great.

kylie said...

skeeter i really hope this is just a glitch both in your blogging and in your life.
you've been a truly gentle and honorable presence in the blogosphere
many thanks and best wishes. i hope you rediscover the sun

NouveauBlogger said...

Best wishes bud.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I hope you'll just be taking a break from here and will be coming back.

I wish you all the best in your life. Take care of yourself.


Monkey Toe Momma said...

I hope you happiness and lots of sunshine. {{Hugs}}

sharilyn said...

ah, skeeter... the dream of the utopian world...:) no, unfortunately, sometimes (many times??) the clouds come out and cover the sun and it's a downright dreary day (or two or three or..?)... but the sun's still there, you know...just waiting to come back out on another day! i know it probably sounds a bit pollyanna-ish to say, but it takes some cloudy days to make us truly appreciate the sunny ones. and, this coming from a glass-half-empty gal as i! :)

well, my friend, i trust that, like the sun, you have set for the night and will arise bright and shiny (or at least just rise!) in the morning on a new day...

praying for you today...

Kookaburra said...

g'day skeeter,

thanks for your sharing your life with us in the blogosphere. I enjoy your blog and am sorry that you have 'pulled the pin' But hey, it's your life. I hope that you find peace and happiness in the future.

Hooroo from that bloke downunder.


Mrs4444 said...

I'll miss you. If you get sunburned and need to cool off, stop by :)

zirelda said...

Um... are you coming back?

I hope life gets better and full of sunshine soon for you Skeeter.

We will miss you while you are gone.

Technonana said...

Like the others, I don't know what is going on with you, but I hurt with you!!!
May you find the answers your soul desires. I pray that the Lord will be with you and comfort you and bring you peace.
You know where to find me if you want a listening ear.
Always Your Friend,

Lavinia said...

Skeeter, I admit I too am troubled by your cryptic post. I hope following the sun means you are going on a Caribbean vacation. It sounds like there are some clouds in your life? I enjoy your blog and sincerely hope all is well with you. Please, if you can, do let us know that you are at least alright and handling things?

my email, I would love to hear from you:

Hoping this isn't your final goodbye from blogland....

Eva said...


I wish you all the happiness and sunshine that life has to offer. If your "goodbye" is simply an end to your blog, I truly hope that you drop in for an occasional visit and let me know how you're doing. I have treasured the posts you've shared with all of us.


Kookaburra said...

G'day Skeeter,
Please, please, please don't close your Blog. I am reading it from the very beginning.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Suzanne said...

Well, I think I've almost been with you from the beginning. When I learned from Kooka you were signing off I frantically raced to find you. I don't have my blogroll any longer, Kooka didn't have a link, nor did a few others I clicked on. Then finally, I thought about my blog, Pink Floyd and raced back (And yes, I mean raced. I was frantic) and there you were. I didn't read at first, I just looked around. Enjoyed the photos, the sidebar, everything that means something to me when ever I visit. If you served tea I would have asked for an Earl Grey and a shortbread and lingered a bit longer before reading the dandy. Ugh. I had to read it. Ugh.

Do whatever you have to do and we will support you. Whatever is weighing you down will eventually let go. When it does, come back and say hello so that we know you're okay. You're family and we worry and we love you. One of our friends said something brilliant way back when "We all fit together like the pieces of a puzzle." I believe that, so I'll wait for #952 to come back and slink into his spot, with a lot of really good food and great writing!!!

I love you. Do whatever necessary to make what's wrong right, then find your way back to us if you can. I love you darling and I'm always here. Contact any of our dear friends for my email. Take care and I swear to God, you won't believe this, but Word Verification is "reste." Well honey, you just do that and I'll keep laughing. That's just too funny.

Love you and please don't go away forever. Please.

P.S. Well that didn't work. My new Word Verification id eapatate. I don't think that's very funny. But I have to type it to post this damn thing.

XO Suze