Wednesday, December 30, 2009

7 Bold and Lucky Predictions

What do you think the new decade will bring? Sure, flying cars and peace on earth are probably long shots, but what might we really see? Given the rate at which human knowledge is doubling, what is possible?

Here are my bold predictions ... at least some of them. Hopefully without too much sarcasm ...

#1. A "cure" for glaucoma. I think that the work on the human genome and the discovery of defective genes that lead to some types of glaucoma, a drug therapy will be made available that will effectively cure this disease. I'm looking forward to it!

#2. From a planetary perspective, we will have a near miss by an asteroid or comet. Statistics being what they are and all, maybe the government will get serious about funding some basic research and early warning mechanism. We've learned about the importance of early warning systems for tsunamis in the oceans, right? While they're at it, I'm holding out hope that the government will take steps to fund more basic scientific research and also defend our wildlife, soil, air and water.

#3. Someone will actually get serious about the size and rate of growth of our federal debt. Seriously, if the United States were a person, what would your reaction be? Yep, pay the man $5 and let him squeegee the windshield.

#4. Rush Limbaugh will make his last radio broadcast and retire. Nope, it won't happen because the gulf between conservative and liberal mindsets has closed. It will happen because common decency and respect for others will finally become important enough social forces to get people to just turn the channels on radios to something less hateful. By the same token, Janeane Garofalo will stop (politically anyway) foaming at the mouth, hire a new agent and once again earn an honest living as an actress.

#5. I will complete my collection of Le Creuset cookware, master the souffle, and successfully (FINALLY) poach an egg in red wine.

#6. On December 21st, 2012, I will watch the sun set over the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and won't be disappointed at all that the world didn't end. Sure, it would be very cool indeed to witness an alien first contact or something extraordinary like that but what are the odds? Well, I'll have a bag of popcorn and be ready for the light show just in case :-)

#7. Finally some football talk. Our beloved Oklahoma Sooners will win another National Championship. I want to hold out hope that one day our much beloved Denver Broncos won't stink anymore and will be good enough to win playoff games, but ... You know, that brings us back to the probabilities of having flying cars, a cure for the common cold, and world peace.


Jai Joshi said...

That's a list of some cool predictions. I hope you're right about Rush retiring but I'm not optimistic on that front. There's too much money in hate.

But we can hope. Yes we can.

Happy New Year!


Gaurav Kant Goel said...

I will India will win one of 2 Cricket World Cups to be held in next decade. ;)

Amber Star said...

I can't figure out why Rush Limbaugh is still around and not in prison. What happened to the drug bust. One doesn't have 50,000oxycontin for personal use...unless he is hurtin' REAL bad. Rush has always left me cold.

Teotihuacan nearly caused me to experience a new life when I climbed the thing. Oh my that thing is steep! I think the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar and there is probably another one laying around somewhere that will take up where this one left off.

This was a really good post, Skeeter. I can't remember some of the other predictions, but they were interesting.

Happy New Year! We are staying home tonight and will be eating ham, greens/cabbage, black eyed peas, and some cornbread tomorrow while watching bowl games.

bindhiya said...

Happy New Year!!!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Skeeter,

I hope you have a healthy 2010, full of peace, love and happiness. Interesting predictions. I hope all of them become true except 2 and 3 (I don't know about Mr. Limbaugh, I don't have the honour).

Enjoy these days!

kylie said...

i wouldnt have picked you for a le crueset fetishist :)

i hope 2010 is a blessed one for you


Anonymous said...

Quite a little soothsayer, you are :) I like this list :)