Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pub

The Pub in Beavercreek, Ohio, may be the popular spot in town. It's THAT hard to get a table anyway. We have tried a couple of nights per week for a month now and finally managed to get a seat.

They try very, very hard to be "Authentic British". That's printed on the walls and even on the tickets you get at the end of the evening. Yes, there's soccer on the televisions, posters of British musical groups on the walls, and the wait staff all wear kilts. British. OK, one final test - is there any German beer on the menu? Hell no! Yep, they're British.

The beer menu is short, sweet and tasty. The food menu is even better.Their signature dishes include two heavy hitters. First, the pot roast.

The other is the Shepherd's Pie.

Yes, it was good, right down to the very last bite. If you can ever get a seat in the place, I recommend it. If you have no patience for lines, look elsewhere ... it's your loss.

The Pub
39 Greene Boulevard,
Dayton, Ohio
(937) 320-1199

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Jai Joshi said...

This makes me feel lucky I grew up in England. There's never a line to get into a pub there since they're on every street corner, hee hee. Glad you enjoyed your experience.