Monday, November 26, 2007

The last bud of the season

Well, winter finally came. The pond is full and the ducks are happy (although I have no idea why their feathered butts don't freeze in that water). The old rose on the northeast corner of the house popped one last bud before winter. Here it is. The day after this picture was taken was our first frost of the season so this bud never got to bloom outside. It's doing nicely in a vase on the dining table.

For some odd reason ... farm geese have decided to move to our pond. In years past it didn't matter so much because just one would appear in Spring and then magically disappear around Thanksgiving. This year four appeared after the Invasion of the Canada Geese. The four farm geese drove off the wicked Canadians so every tolerated their honking and territorial displays. Sometime around Labor Day, another farm goose magically appeared. Before there were two matched couples - 2 odd wobbling poofs and 2 uberdominant, human-hating bitch birds. The newest arrival was a strutting, old school gander who famously would mount (and remount, rinse, repeat) the females on the sidewalk in front of the Pony Ride during the neighborhood Fall Picnic celebration. When the scandal reached the Homeowner's Association Newsletter, no one claimed ownership of the fowl, so the Association kept feeding them along with all the other critters who call the Pond their home.
Thanksgiving Day (or, Judgement Day for those who cover their buttocks with feathers) came and went quietly enough at the Pond. All of the farm geese are still alive and kicking although I have no idea how much longer. MSNBC sez "Roast goose makes Christmas dinner special" ...

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