Monday, November 26, 2007

Titus the Armadillo

Had a rude surprise in the lawn today. Appearently the armadillo that has created "An Impression of the Surface of the Moon" in my neighbor's back yard has decided to begin excavating around my house. He dug this nifty patch out of the grass by the trusty gas grill in the east-facing back yard. He dug in the flower bed in the west-facing front yard. He dug an east-west trench under the gate in the fence. He dug a north-to-south tunnel connecting my neighbor's cratered back yard to mine. Lastly he dug a passageway under the south fence to escape into the greenest lawn in the Association.

How to handle a rogue armadillo? This is a red state so the consensus around the water cooler was - by gun. As exciting as turning the backyard into the OK Corral sounds, it'd be a shame to get planted in Norman's I O O F Cemetery with this on my headstone . . .

Here lays AtomicZebra7,
We planted him raw.
He was quick on the trigger,
But slow on the draw.

Someone suggested killing the rogue armadillo with an arrow. Unlike the Canada geese down at the pond, I don't think the arrow would actually go through an armadillo's armored hide. That narrowed the advice down to getting a German Shepherd from the pound, or ...

This catch and release live trap was recommended at the Atwood's. Appearently all you have to do is arm the thing, put in the path of mighty Titus the Armadillo, and bada-bing!
We'll see.

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Ron Simpson said...

An arrow from a compound bow hits with more pounds per square inch of pressure at the tip than a .45 pistol.
An arrow will definately skewer an armadillo.
If all else fails, park a car over it. They jump when affraid. a smack on the undercarraige and quick carwash later.......