Saturday, July 12, 2008

D is for Ducks ... & lots of 'em

Was down at the pond when a pair of momma Mallards paddled by with fifteen baby ducks in tow. These ducklings are doing pretty well. There just used to be onesies and twosies at most, but a group of 15! It's great, except when they try to cross the street, waddling along in single file ... it takes forever.

I hope this means that our efforts to control the feral cat population are paying off. The City is trapping the ferals, spaying/neutering them, and then releasing selected animals back into the areas where they were caught.


Mrs4444 said...

There's something so very sweet about a momma and her ducklings.

Hey, I'm intrigued about your comment on my blog today; you wrote, "I'm thankful for finding I thought I would never find. I'm happy. Life is good!" What is the missing word??

Eva said...

So very sweet. The last time I witnessed a momma and her ducklings crossing the road I was overcome with unexpected joy. It's a rare sight in suburban L.A.

p.s. I finished Z! :)

bindhiya said...

Dear Skeeter,
Hope you having a beautiful day..
That picture is beautiful...i love seeing them momma and her ducklings too... almost every day i will be near to the pond here watching them...
love and ((hugs))

Robyn said...

Skeeter! Come and say hi! I have posted something a little different and VERY new for me! Tell me what you think friend!

kylie said...

there's something so heartwarming about a mother duck with her brood, isnt there?
and about your post on "B" people in this neck o' the woods also dispose of nappies any old how. just gross
i'm flattered to see i've made it onto your blogroll. thanks

Maria said...

There are just something about ducks...

Liv and I used to go to this park when she was a baby and we were both totally in love with the ducks.

zirelda said...

Ducks Rock. It's nice to meet you Skeeter and I like your blog too. :)

Robyn said...

Skeeter! Where are you friend! I did something really brave and thought for sure you would witness it...*pouting* ok I guess I will wait *walking back towards the door feeling sorry for self*

Robyn said...

SKEETER! Yea! You made are wonderful thanks for the sweet comment! Woohooo! You know how to make a girl feel fantastic!
Hugs friend!

Skeeter said...

Mrs. 4444, the answer is LOVE. It's not much of a mystery, but everyone can read about it on the dedications page of my novel, Glitterwater. Lord, I hope to get this thing in print ... soon!!!

Suzanne said...

That's beautiful baby. Absolutely beautiful. I had a mommy skunk with more than seven (lost count after seven!) babies at the park. What a hoot. There is nothing funnier than a baby skunk! I've lost them all in the fire, but the memory is so real. I miss them terribly.

Your duck and babies are beautiful, and as you know, I'm so glad your city is working to help ferals.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

Of course I'm crying. What do expect?