Monday, July 14, 2008

F is for First Words

An idea from Kookaburra ... about the first postings on his blog and the responses that it garnered ... made me think that "F" should be for the first words on my blog.

Just a month short of two years ago, my writing instructor Mel Odom gave eveveryone an assignment to start a blog. His idea was that everyone would write something every day and it would help their writing.

Katie was the first to leave a comment. It was just one word - "yeah!!!" Katie is one of the most interesting poeple I know. She's funny, smart and really pretty too. She writes for Blogcritics and a couple of other sites too. She's finally finished a novel and is tearing headlong through her second. Love those exclamation marks dear. You are my hero and you rock.

This is my 121st post now and so much has changed over the last couple of years. I've made a whole bunch of new friends along the way. I never thought that publishers would send me books for free just so I would review them. I guess anything is really possible these days. Still meeting with old friends from the Writers Group on Wednesdays. In case anyone asks, that's where Katie, Justin, Steve, Sara, Marissa, Jason, Joe, Terri, Lisa and I will be. See ya there too?


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Congratulations on 121 posts, and two years of fun blogging. I didn't know that publishers sent free books for reviewing. I wonder if I could work out a similar deal with the Haagen Daz icecream people, or the Sweet Rosie's Cookie people....

Eva said...

Congrats on your [almost] two year blogaversary! I love that I found your blog - it's wonderful. Keep on writing!

Kookaburra said...


Congratulations on reaching 121 Posts. During my lunch break a couple of hours ago I wrote you a much longer comment. Go to my Blog.


Robyn said...

Skeeter! REALLY?! Free books to review...get lucky ducky!
Congrats on 121 posts...hoping I get there myself! I agree with Lavinia...wonder if I could work something out with Haagen Daz, too!

bindhiya said...

Dear Skeeter,
have a beautiful day..
love & ((hugs))

Maria said...

I think that blogs are useful tools to keep our writing fresh. I started mine as a way to avoid e-mails with my sisters ("Just read my blog, all my news is in there, guys!") but now I find that I usually write for myself and if I miss a few days, I feel almost rusty.

Suzanne said...

Well, I finally arrived. I know I'm very late, but I read everything and left comments on almost all. You know how crazy my life is, so it's not always easy to get around to everyone, but you know I love you.

I've been here a long time. I've laughed, cried, thought way too hard, and enjoyed the hell out of myself. You're a gifted writer and you take me away. I love you sweetie. Thank you. Congrats on 121 and hopefully many, many more.

XO Suze

CIELO said...

Keep up the good work! and many more! :)



Leah said...

Congrats (a little late!) on your milestone! You have a really great blog, Skeeter.