Saturday, July 26, 2008

J is for J.R. d'Newlywed

Just got back from a fun wedding ceremony and reception. J.R., a friend from work, married his charming girlfriend, Catherine. Here they are exchanging vows. If only my little bitty camera could have caught the nuanced lighting and ambiance ... it was really beautiful.

It seems that every wedding ceremony has something unexpected happen that really makes the event memorable. The unexpected happened for this wedding when one of the ring bearers couldn't take standing still anymore and just sprinted off, running a few laps around the chapel - laughing, singing and having a good old time. Poor J.R. and Catherine were mortified, but all of the guests really enjoyed it. I snapped this picture when he came around for the second lap. Check out the basket he's carrying - the rings are still in there!

After the young man with the rings was captured ... the Bride and Groom exchanged the rings, were pronounced "joined in Holy Matrimony", and then kissed. It was so nice.

Then came the Reception. J.R. and Catherine really know how to feed people right. They had a great buffet line that featured some super tasty Brisket ... yep, I went back a couple of times. Here's the Groom's cake.

There were tons of gifts. i think the coolest gift was a bouquet of origami roses ... made of money. Whoever made the flowers did a really good job. It was fantastic!

Here is Mrs. Skeeter going back to the buffet to get me another piece of that tasty brisket. That's her in the dress. I'm getting her some champagne.

Would anyone else care for glass while I'm up?


Eva said...

Hi Skeeter!
This is too funny - I'm reading your post right now and I got an email notification from you: commenting on my blog! Ok, back to your post I go, to finish reading it and then I'll be back to comment for real!

Eva said...

Awww...I just love weddings. :) That looked like a beautiful one, too. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures! They turned out pretty good for being on a camera phone! And yes, I'd love a glass of champagne. Thanks! I'll be sitting over here in the corner table by the dance floor.

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

Hi Skeeter

An wedding is always gr8 to read abt(that too a wedding where something or the other goes the unexpected way) :)

And the pics r gud, I can imagine the ambience thru watever most the Camera-phone captured.

Keep posting!

Suzanne said...

Terrific!!! Unfortunately I couldn't enlarge the photos or see anything without a blur. Honey, you suck at wedding photography. Thank God you're a good man. Otherwise I'd just kick your ass right off my blog. And Mrs. Skeeter, unfortunately you look like a big white blob. You have your husband to thank for that. *Wipes tears from eyes.*

zirelda said...

Oh absolutely. :) I love weddings, marriage not so much.

I really smiled at the thought of the ring bearer running through the chapel. I guess they were lucky he kept his clothes on?

bindhiya said...

Dear Skeeter,
Nice to hear you had a good time...

back in home we will be attending at least 5 weddings a month!!! traditional arranged marriages, your parents or elders choose your life partner :) am a exception...

♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Honey, you spelled you own name wrong over at Leah's. Come on. Get with the program.


Robyn said...

Heya! Skeeter!
Thanks for coming by how I do love seeing you there friend! And wish I could make out who is who in the photos! I really need to send you a new camera dear! Great post!

david mcmahon said...

Yup, I'll have a glass! Loved the story of the ``capture'' of the ring bearer!

Mrs4444 said...

I would love some, and grab a few of those roses on your way back, too! Thanks.