Thursday, February 04, 2010

Giovanni's Pizzeria é Ristorante Italiano

We heard about Giovanni's Pizzeria é Ristorante Italiano from friends at work, so we went over for a dinner visit. The place was described as a "unique and one-of-a-kind" in the same sentence no less which made it even more interesting. Of course, when I heard "where value meets quality" that closed the deal.

Giovanni's is a quaint little place that wasn't too hard to find. There isn't much signage outside but you really can't miss it from the street. Parking is a little sparse, so come early.

The place was bright and inviting. The furnishings were retro and homey.

The service was quick.

The Chicken Parmigiana was pretty good. It had a lot of moist chicken breast meat in an tasty sauce. I couldn't wait to get a bite, so that's why it looks "fork ready" in this image.

The pizza had a really great, crispy crust. They were a little stingy with the sauce. It wasn't bad overall, definitely better than a call to Domino's.

Giovanni's was good, friendly and reasonably priced. The food was tasty and the quantity generous. The GPS app on my cell phone listed Giovanni's as a 5 star experience. If you're like me, it would be certainly worth a visit - if for nothing else - to try to figure out where and how they earned those last two stars.

Giovanni's Pizzeria é Ristorante Italiano
215 W Main St.
Fairborn, OH 45324
Phone (937) 878-1611


Leni Qinan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed! Italian food is delicious (tho I'm not impartial here, i have some Italian blood -apart from Sandwichian, LOL-)

Amber Star said...

I so thought of you and your epic journey through food just now when I checked in at Mennonit Girls and cook...and they really can!

Here is a recipe for banana creme brule yummm

Amber Star said...

Gah...after reading that post of mine I'm thinking I must have been really tired or on crack or had some gene slippage or something. Lord have mercy! I can't believe I typed that. I'll have to check this one tomrorrow!