Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mamma DiSalvo's Ristorante

Some days just don't get better than this! We visited Mamma DiSalvo's Ristorante for dinner and it was simply GREAT.

They have some interesting beer and wine choices. Wine first. Never spend too much time worrying about the perfect wine. Chianti works with every Italian dish. Why? For the same reason that the sky is blue. It's God's Will ... or ... a function of Rayleigh Scattering and the interaction of light with nitrogen and oxygen high in the atmosphere ... depending upon your religious preference. Another "go anywhere" wine choice is also red, Pinot Noir. It's obviously French, forward and awfully naughty, and in no time you'll understand what "fais-moi grimper au rideau" really means.

Now Beer. They have Peroni Nastro Azzurro on draft. If you've tried Peroni in the skunky green bottles, relax! Peroni on draft doesn't SUCK. Peroni isn't beer in the sense of the German Purity Law. It is a light, vampiric elixir made with malted barley, corn and hops that comes together pleasantly ONLY when protected from the Sun. Give it a try. You'll probably like it.

Be sure to order the House Dressing with your salad. It's a tangy, sweet, red wine vinigrette.

What's Italian without the bread?

How do you make the perfect seafood dish? First, you need shrimp. No, not the undersea anorexics from the Super Walmart freezer case! You have to fish Moby Dick's little cousins out of deep waters. You need big shrimp with bad attitudes. For this dish they have be surly, dangerous to catch, and ANGRY. Arrabbiata in Italian means "Angry". Toss in some scallops and mussels and you've got a seafood street gang on your plate. Mamma DiSalvo's calls that dish - Seafood Arrabiatta.

An Arrabiatta is spicy. There's no doubt about it. The perfect Arrabiatta lingers gently on your palate while the top of your head sweats. There's no doubt about this either. Mamma DiSalvo's makes the perfect Seafood Arrabiatta! You can taste the chili peppers, tomato, onions, garlic and Italian spices - all in just the right proportion.

The special of the day was a Lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo combination. The presentation was spectacular. This is the most memorable Lasagna I've ever had. It had it all - a combination of different cheeses, the sauce, the spices, everything. What's makes the best lasagna even better? MORE lasagna! The portion was so generous that I got to bring some home for later. If there was more space on this page, I really would tell you how good the fettuccine Alfredo was AND how the rich, creaminess of it completed the meal.

I'll be coming back to Mamma DiSalvo's! You should too.

Mamma DiSalvo's Ristorante
1375 E. Stroop Rd.
Kettering Ohio 45440
Phone: 937-299-5831


Bachelor said...

Wow! It looks great! Pick me up next time you go! :) The Bach

Leni Qinan said...

Mmm... it looks delicious. I just love Italian food and good Chianti. It makes a fascinating combination.

PS.- So "Fais-moi grimper au rideau"? LOL that French wine is dangerous, hahahah.

Mel said...

Oh wow.....I'd kill for some alfredo about right now.

Gorgeous looking--even the salad!