Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skeeter wins an Award!

Happy news! I've been given an award by The Snarkiest who said:

Ah, the perfect levels of sarcasm an wit I enjoy. I hadn't found a post worthy of an award for March 10, and here it is. I hope you don't mind that I award you as the Snarkiest Post of the Day belatedly. It is well deserved. The award is here:

Now if I can hold out til Monday for #2.

Isn't it ironic that on the day for which I received this award, thesnarkiest carried a picture with the caption "Condom truck tips, spills load"?

This is an unbelievable honor and a complete surprise. So many people have a part of this, chief among them Mr. Frank Wiggly, for his commitment to nudism and the restrooms in my building. Wiggly may be the High Templar of Nudism in civilian life, but he will always be the Bowels Beneath the Brains in this Corporation. To Guilderfleece, I can't think of anybody I would rather be standing here with than you. Thank you so much for this. For everyone at Patty Cake's Janitorial, the entire team who makes our facilities sparkle and keep our dispensers stocked. Because you remind us, we know that "Real Men Flush". A brilliant, brilliant job. Thank you to all of them.

Thanks to the readers who signed this lucky post. To Robyn, yes, it is the paper, the whole paper and nothing but the paper every single day. To mrs4444, if you figure out "the vibe" please let me know, until then I'd be very, very happy for you to come back anytime for a visit. To terrirainer, you look pretty damn good for a (and I want to quote your remark for accuracy) "naked, overweight woman with stretch marks". You know I love you and would have said the same even if you weren't naked. Honestly you need to come back to class. We miss you. To nouveaublogger, maximum power to you brother. May there never be a shortage of reading material anywhere you go. To suzanne, because you are the greatest. Your garden may be as close to Eden as I ever come. Thanks for sharing pictures of it with me. To bindhiya, I'm so happy that you visit my blog. You are the kindest, gentlest soul I know. Bless you. To maria, your writing is so good it lifts me up when I read it, and it challenges me to be a better person. Thank you for visiting my blog. To eva, I find rattling the newspaper to be very funny also. Thanks so much for visiting. Please, please come again.

Thanks to thesnarkiest for this award.

Thank you very much indeed. Thank you.


Robyn said...

Whooohoo! Skeeter won! *throwing confetti* and what an award to win my friend! Thanks for the blog love...I too just smitten about you too! :) Chat with you soon!
Take care my award winning friend!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow! Congratulations! Doesn't surprise me at all. And thanks for the link; I'm honored, too. Now, I'm off to find out what "snarky" means!!

Leah said...

Perfect award for a brilliantly snarky post. Me and Sgt. Pepper had such a great read-aloud and laugh with that one. You are and remain hilarious, a real bright spot in my blog trolling.


CIELO said...

ahhhhhhhhh, "the Snarkiest Post Award".... you so well deserve it you funny you!!

Have a happy day!


bindhiya said...

Dear Skeeter,
Congratulations on your award! as Cielo said "yes, you well deserve it".

Thank you for your kind words!
Have a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

TerriRainer said...

You soooo deserve this award! When I grow up, I want to be able to write like you!

T :)

TerriRainer said...


Here is that quote you mentioned:

"Think about the crowd it would have drawn had the picture been of a FEMALE coworker...okay, as long as said coworker was young, and in shape, the ghastly sight of a naked, overweight woman with stretch marks would have been more traumatic than the nude photo of a man."


(Okay, so if the shoe fits and all!)


Eva said...


Well deserved, Mr. S. I'm still sifting through the archives of the Zebra Atomic Lucky Number Se7en. Snarky, indeed.

NouveauBlogger said...

Honored to be in your acceptance speech! Kudos on your award! Did you finish before the music started?

Suzanne said...

Well, like I said on my blog, it's as if you won an Academy Award! Good for you Snarky. We love your blog here in CA and hope you continue to write with brilliance.

Oh, by the way, you're the only one who commented on my UCLA post. Go figure. What? No one's a sports fan?! Okay, it's official...you support me, I'll support you. Go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONERS.

Love you honey!

...and thanks again for the plug!