Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blue Bridges & things that go without saying ...

The South Grand Island Bridge is really something to see. The twin arch bridges cross the mighty Niagara River north of Buffalo between Tonawanda, New York and Grand Island, New York. I'm sure they chose that name to avoiding theda Tolkien-esque handle, The Blue Bridges of Tonawanda.

The high point of the day was a visit to the Grand Super Buffet, 1100 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY, 14623. It's in Henrietta Plaza just off Jefferson. If you like seafood and Chinese, you'll love this place. It's upscale and a little pricey, but the food is top of the line. It's served buffet style so everyone can chose what they like the most. Specialties of the house include an absolutely delicious steamed talapia and a passel of shrimp dishes. They had a nice ginger blue crab dish and king crab legs for Mother's Day. I visit the Grand Super Buffet every time I'm in Rochester. Next time I'm in town, I'll stay long enough to tell you about a couple of the best Italian places in this part of upstate New York.

Have you ever had the kind of day where things that should go without saying ... REQUIRE saying? I had to take this picture too quickly, but it's true. If you don't like rice, you shouldn't choose sushi.


bindhiya said...

Dear Skeeter,
I miss NY a lot...there is a lot of Indian stores....that is what I miss a lot :))
sushi...I love sushi..i never going to try... funny no?
have a beautiful day..
love and ((hugs))

Leah said...

That sounds yummy. I do get that way sometimes, and I'll be sure to go there when I do!

The bridge is beautiful.

NouveauBlogger said...

Hey, we have a Super Grand Buffet around here. Are you telling me I need to check it out? I just might have to!

Funny sign too. Not a huge Sushi lover here, but I do like rice!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Did someone say shrimp? King Crab Legs? In that case, I am there...!

If I lived in that neighborhood, the staff at the Grand Buffet and me would be on a first name basis...

Beautiful Bridge too; I don't think I've ever crossed on this one, but perhaps I have, and forgotten it. How is that possible when it is so picturesque?

Eva said...

What a beautiful bridge! Makes me miss San Francisco... A friend of mine lived in Rochester, and goes back often, since she works for Kodak. I'll have to ask her about the Super Grand Buffet!

Suzanne said...

Wow. You and food. You should be a critic. Seriously. Screw engineering.

Rob would love that place. He's a king crab guy. Well, let's just say he's a sea food guy. Everything you describe sounds wonderful. As you know, I'm a vegetarian so had to avert my eyes. However, the rice sign killed me! That's just too funny. Like Bindi I don't eat sushi with fish, but I love the cucumber roll and the California roll without the crab. I also love when I accidently put a bit too much wasabi on a roll and have my clocks royally cleaned! Hello!