Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feathered Reviewers on Amazon dot COM

George Orwell noted, "To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle.'' Shows ya what he knew. Those steaming chunks of poo on the footpath are the AFTER-math of the latest brouhaha between traditionally good, hard working, law abiding and respectful American Ducks and a rather typically Canadian ... Goose. I can only imagine that the PRE-math was like a great many reviews of books at Amazon.COM.

. . .

To: Duck, American

Subject: You are a [expletive]

I'm writing this review of your book slowly (very sloooowly) because I know you can't read so well. Your book is a pompously overcast, steaming piece of [expletive]. It has too many characters & no plot whatsoever. The audience for such a work is limited to people with the IQ of a toothbrush and the attention span of a cocker spaniel being shown a card trick. Worse yet, printing the book on yellow, white and blue paper was duplicitous, arrogant and wasteful. Your attempt at humor in the artwork only proves that you were weaned on a [expletive] pickle you sour-faced [expletive]. Please don't sleep on your side, because your tiny little brain will roll out your ear, you imperialist [expletive].

. . .

To: Goose, Canada

Subject: Please return my phonebook


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