Monday, September 29, 2008

A Birthday Party Mystery

Went to our Little Saigon district to buy a roasted duck for a celebration - Mrs. Skeeter's Happy Birthday. I shot this shaky stealth image in line.

The food at this place is really good. It might be uncomfortable for some, you know, being able to recognize what you're going to eat, but it is sooooo tasty!

So tasty in fact, that they were fresh out of ducks. All they had left were a quartet of roasted chickens, a sheath of "crispy pork", two very heavy whole roasted pigs (sans apple in mouth, avec curly tail), and a small roasted bird thing (dove or pigeon) I couldn't recognize.

So I got two pounds of the "crispy pork" and one of the jiggly fat roasted chickens. It all looked so good. They took down the meats and chopped, sliced and packaged. Just as they finished loading the Styrofoam containers for me to take all that stuff home, Mrs. Skeeter called to remind me that I shouldn't eat it on the way home ... seems she's had some experience with the take out packages being a little ... light ... when they get home, and short of napkins too. Why, oh why, could that be? Exactly what was missing from those happy little packages? A cozy little mystery ...

The party went off without a hitch. The house was packed with people. A good time was had by all. They ate me out of house and home. After the Irish Drought (the liquor was gone), the guests all were safely driven home by well intentioned, responsible, designated drivers (ahem, it's true).
This, and three slices of bread, was all that was left from the party. Gee, I wonder why?

Sort of resolves the "what" and "why" part of the mystery of the "missing pieces" and "disappearing napkins", eh?


sharilyn said...

i so do NOT want to know what those things are in the trash!! glad you all had a good time, though! :)

Eva said...

What the HECK is that?!?! They look like chicken feet. If so, it's quite understandable that they were spared during the onslaught. Oh, and Happy Bday Mrs. Skeeter! A fellow Libra is always great in my book!

Kookaburra said...

Hmm there ain't ( i like the word ain't) much left of the chook.

!!! Happy Birthday Mrs. Skeeter !!!

Great post, Skeeter.


kylie said...

happy birthday sunshine !!

shame about the duck, but chooks and pork run a pretty close second

all the best

Harshita said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Skeeter :)

Wish you loads of happiness!

For the food, am sure its a veggie though ;)

Employee No. 3699 said...

The Irish Drought...Ha ha, good one. A Happy Birthday to Mrs. Skeeter!

CIELO said...

Ducks... yuck! Aren’t these lovely birds just meant for swimming in placid lakes???? :)

Well, wishing Mrs. Skeeter a happy Happy Birthday!


Lavinia said...

Hmmmm, the case of the disappearing food and napkins.....I have to say I am all to familiar with this all too common crime!

nebraska girl said...

just ewww

TerriRainer said...

Happy birthday to Mrs. Skeeter...hope you got her way more than that chicken, she deserves it for puttin up with you big guy!

:) Terri

Suzanne said...

Is that orange thing a crock pot? Whatchamakin? Make some vegetarian chili and I'll be there in a flash.

Sounds like a lovely party. Glad you had a wonderful time. Even if you did have to hack up a few animals to enjoy yourselves. Of course I'm laughing!!!! What? No, I can't help myself.

I was down below reading the greatest pickup lines. I have to tell you employee 3699 nearly killed me. Yes. I'm still laughing. Those are just too funny. Unfortunately I don't have any good pickup lines. I've never heard one in real life. Wish I had so I could post about it.

Love ya,

NouveauBlogger said...

Hmmm...looks scary! lol -- but glad you enjoyed.

Leah said...

Oh, YUM! Even the feet look tasty to me...

and happy birthday, a little late, to Mrs. Skeeter!

zirelda said...

Well happy birthday! that looks like a really fun party. :)