Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Spirit-filled Lunch

Lunch with Sunshine is always an interesting experience. This time we had take out from Her Church.

Her Church was hosting a regional conference meeting, and Her Mom and several other ladies prepared a nice lunch for the attendees ... and a little for us too. When we arrived they were still preparing the food.

After a little conversation and a bunch of getting to know everyone, we got our lunches and headed back to work at the Evil Corporation. We had our "Little Buddy" with us. You might remember my blog post about Him from July. He had an important meeting he had to rush back to attend.

Turkey and Stuffing always makes for a good day. With black eyed peas, cabbage, sweet potatoes and a roll on the side, you just can't go wrong ... especially in portions as generous as these!

For dessert, try some of this Banana Split Cake. It's everything you'd expect from a banana split PLUS cake which EQUALS lots of yum, yum yum!

It was great. No, Sunshine and I don't attend the same Church, but I think I should visit more often in the future. Maybe I can talk Her into visiting Mass again one of these days. Maybe we could stop by the ice cream shop or something on the way home.

Yes, I love you baby.


Lavinia said...

ANother 'delicious' post. I think I would enjoy southern cooking so much. I've never tried any. Grits, greens, biscuits in gravy...these sound so exotic. Cabbage with turkey? Must be southern. I love cabbage but rarely cook it. Wonder why...

By the way,nice carpet in your office!

Technonana said...

I saw your comment on Lavinia's blog about my city(Columbia,SC) and decided to drop by and see you!!
Girl, this post makes me hungry!!

zirelda said...

The cake looks really good. Then again so does the lunch.

I missed dinner tonight.....

TerriRainer said...

ROFLMAO! You a girl now? THAT I find hard to imagine (I would think Sunshine would agree with that too).

:) Terri

Harshita said...

the cake luks yummy... :)