Thursday, December 04, 2008


Have you ever opened a fortune cookie and found two fortunes inside? Sunshine and I were out for lunch and I got lucky ... twice.

Oh come on! I didn't mean it THAT way.

Srsly u guys ... u guys ... srsly ... we r for realsies ... I think


Eva said...

Wow! That's never happened to me! Also, very apropos fortunes for your recent hardship. :) Glad things are looking up, friend.

Suzanne said...

No. Never. Is that like an omen or something? Wow. I'm going to go to the Chinese resturant and demand to see every fortune cookie before I order. My luck has to change.

Glad to see you back baby. Life without you for one day was absolute hell.


Leah said...

I second Eva--very apropos! And a bit magical!

zirelda said...

:) :) That's funny.

So if you got two fortunes, then you must be doubly lucky.

TerriRainer said...

Can you say nooner? Hey, it rhymes with Sooner, so it can't be all bad!!!

Headin to Kansas this weekend? Maybe you could transfer some of that luck to the team...wait, they don't need luck do they? They have Bradford (and Loadholt...I LOVE that guy...he's soooooooo HUGE!)

:) Terri

Technonana said...

Hmmm, you expect us to believe that?!!!
I prefer to think it was good fortune!!! I don't believe in luck.
Anyway... how wonderful for you, all around!!!

nebraska girl said...

I must be weird because I get two fortunes about every 5th time I go to the chinese place here. Maybe I have better luck than I previously thought. Hope yours come true for you!


Employee No. 3699 said...

Hey Skeeter, ditto to what Eva said...and I'm glad you're still here in the Blogosphere. Take care~

Harshita said...

Two fortunes!!

:) Someonez got lucky big-time.