Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Answers #1 and #2

Question #1. Terri asks what is my "Favorite female body part"?

Answer #1. This is not what I thought the first one would be. Yes, dear, I do picture you smiling, an evil laugh one a moment away, rubbing your hands together with devilish glee.

Well, a promise made is a debt unpaid, so as I write this check, please allow me to visualize my favorite female form and all the rest. The night is young and the skies are clear ... so if you want to go dancing dear ... put your hand in mine, those long slender fingers, and see me smile. I'd bow just to get a look at those legs that go all the way to the ground. You'd smile and say, "I'm up here" and yes, you are. I'd pull you close, hip to hip, and take you for a little dip. As my hand moved from your waist to wonderfully warmer climes, you'd pull it back and say, "I'm up here" and yes, you are. As we move across the floor, cheek to cheek, you can tell at a glance what a night this is for romance. You can hear dear Mother Nature murmuring low "Let yourself go", and sometimes you will, but this time you won't. You want to catch your breath, but you catch me instead ... coz the ... ahem ... girls ... jiggle with every breath, and you say, "I'm up here" and yes, you are. When I kiss your pillow soft lips, just say to me "It's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious." That's when you pull me close and say, "I'm up here" and I'd look into your eyes, your beautiful eyes and know that yes, you are. And that would be my favorite part.

Question #2. Harshita would love to know how I and the Sunshine of my life met for the first time?

Answer #2. There aren't many girls who are interested in computers and engineering. We met in that context. We studied the same things at the university. We worked in the same place. We saw each other everyday, so we talked. She was interesting, above average in so many ways, and singularly spectacular in several more. She is pretty, and when she smiles, Miss Sunshine is radiant.

When the time came, I had no idea how to ask her, how to tell her, how to let her know how I felt. One day she said something to me that I would never forget. Maybe it was an accident, or an on purpose (coz she's really good at those), or a misunderstanding. I knew that I had to say something to her right then. Didn't know what to say, and that's when my old friend Cole Porter stepped in.

I told her that I had a song I'd like her to hear. Of course that was some time ago and we didn't have this YouTube video format available then, so I had to do it the old fashioned way. With real music, you know. She thought it was a little strange, but was willing to try. Here it is ...

If you could have seen the look on her face as the lyrics passed by.

And that's why birds do it ... (she didn't know what to make of it)
bees do it ... (a tiny WTF)
Even educated fleas do it ... (a quick questioning look at me)
Let's do it ... (a jaw dropping shocker, thought i was going to be slapped actually)
Let's fall in love.

She smiled and so did I as I shook my head up and down.

That's the important stuff anyway. It was a long time ago and "we" have been "us" ever since. And Cole Porter, God rest his soul, is still our friend.


kylie said...

wow skeeter, wonderful post
the tease, the description of the kiss, the incredibly romantic invitation to sunshine.....

Harshita said...

wow! you are awesome :)

Damn!You can be a romance author...and silly me,am trying to pen down a love-story...

I lose here hands-down ;)

I am really really glad I know someone as wonderful as you and tonite when I pray before sleeping, am gonna make sure I bug God with one more prayer and it wud be for you and your Sunshine :)

Stay Happy Always...and thanks for answering my question.

Technonana said...

Oh Skeeter!! You sly dog!!! Never imagined that you were such the romantic!! Every woman wants one of those!!! Don't believe it? Ask them!!!
So pleased that things are going better for you!!
Keeping you in my prayers!!

NouveauBlogger said...

Wow! Smooooooth.

TerriRainer said...

DUDE! You should be writing a romance novel(which I think Harshita mentioned)!!!

You answered that very gracefully, I'm impressed and you are far braver than I!

:) Terri

Leah said...


Eva said...


That was beautiful.

zirelda said...

I'm going to be singing that song all day. :)

What a neat story and what a wonderful description above.

Sunshine is one lucky lady.