Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Answer #4

Question #4. Leah asks "Which Harry Potter character are you most like? and if you haven't read Harry Potter, then I'm doing a male version of your question to me: Are you more Kirk or more Spock?"

Answer #4. I've got all the Harry Potter novels on the shelf! My son loved the stories and so did I. Which of the characters am I most like?

Well, it couldn't be Harry. I like academic challenge and sports same as Harry, but Hogwarts isn't ready for someone with the physique of an offensive lineman flying around the Quidditch field on a broom.

As much as I like Severus Snape, he and I are different people altogehter for the same reason that Albus Dumbledore and I are different persons. They don't get the girl. (That being said, I'll never be able to see Professor Snape without picturing Leah nearby. Ron Weasley gets the girl, but doesn't get the academics or sports so that's a bust too.

The one person I really identify with is the late blooming Neville Longbottom.

Neville has a tough start in life, but he finds his way eventually in academia and eventually becomes a Herbology professor. Through "Dumbledore's Army", he gains his confidence and becomes the person he wants to be. He has to get tested in battle first, but comes through nicely. Best of all, he wins over the beautiful Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff knockout, they marry and live together over a pub, the Leaky Cauldron.

Can anyone tell me how life gets better than that?


Megan said...

Neville rocks.

Eva said...

I adore Neville. I also loved that he was possibly the one that was mentioned in the prophecy, rather than Harry. Made me excited for him. I always rooted for that guy.

Maria said...

I always pictured Neville with Luna. I think he needs a bit of fun.