Monday, January 05, 2009

Answers #5 and #6

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Question #5. Leni Qinan asks "What made you definitely fall in love with the Sunshine of your life?"

Answer #5. We were sitting at a table, talking. She had her elbows on the table. She touched the palms of her hands to her cheeks, framing her face with those long slender fingers. I had seen it a hundred times before, but that was the first time I ever really saw it. She had a heart-shaped face. I couldn't speak, not even a single sound. She keep looking at me with those eyes, those impossible eyes. Those golden tiger's eyes that fade into blue and change with her mood. If they were any larger, there'd be no way not to reach out and hold her. She whispered, "I want to kiss you too, and want you to hold me tight and squeeze the air out of me."

I want to kiss her everyday for the rest of my life. She's so full of life and passion, it's easy to love her, and I do love her very much. Yes, we're older now, and no one is immune to gravity or chocolate. I smile whenever she plucks out a gray hair. It makes her blush when I say it, but she really is a strikingly beautiful woman.

Question #6. Leni Qinan asks "Do you forgive easily? And forget?"

Answer #6. I try to dear. I really do. It's an article of faith. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. But you know its hard. My Irish genetic makeup clings to grudges like a magnet to steel. My wise old Irish grandmother explained it to me when I was a kid. I've followed her advice ever since. She told me that we are supposed to forgive people "seven times seventy" times when they do something to us. That's 490 times. that's a lot. So I asked her what happens when they work their way up to 491. "That's when you hit them," she said. "You hit them until YOU feel better."


Harshita said...

Wow! your love story is beautiful and you are so romantic :)

I loved ur grandmother's advice... I think its good to follow that one :P

Stay Happy


Technonana said...

Reading this reminds me that there is more to a man than many suspect and especially to you, my dear!!
The forgiveness thing.. your grandmother was right, and I totally understand the Irish blood, mix that with Scottish, and German and you have a mess!! I find it harder to forgive someone who is suppose to care about me, like a close friend or a relative, when they have hurt me.. it's more a betrayal, but I know that I must forgive, as My Father has forgiven me... it just takes time to get there in some cases!!
You are in my prayers, my friend. Praying you have a wonderfully fullfilling New Year!!
In Him,

Leah said...

Ah, that is romantic!

And I love what your granny said.

Brandy Rose said...

Ha, I love grandma's advice!

Leni Qinan said...

WOW Skeeter!

Thanks a lot for your answers; they're full of wisdom and good advice.

I really like your love story. Sometimes silence says a lot more than words -after you were looking at her- so many feelings that just have to be felt and cannot be explained.

That's really romantic and beautiful, and the most amazing feature of your love is that it's evolving and time has a nice effect on it.

It's not easy though to keep the flame burning, right? It takes two to tango, they say.

Your granny was a very wise woman. I should take her advice as well...

Take care, and thanks for your answers. They're a tresure to read.

Maria said...

I like your grandparent...

Eva said...

I like this post's answers. :)

Lavinia said...

Hi Skeeter, nice to see you back online. I'm taking a bit of a break but making the rounds as I can. I hope you have a very happy new year and you've got some very interesting posts for me to read....

Forgiveness. A loaded subject! What happens when the person you're forgiving really doesn't give a rat's behind that he has grieved you, cares less if you forgive or not, and just keeps on doing what he is doing..... I suppose that is where 'patience' comes into it. But when you reach the end of your patience....things may happen...

Technonana said...

Mornin' Skeeter!!
Have you recovered from the game yet!! Sorry your Sooner couldn't beat those Gators, but they sure tried.
Couldn't keep my eyes open til the end of the game.
Praying all is well!!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

I love your stories! They are always so descriptive and well written. You can really feel the love you have for your wife. Beautiful.
And - I think your grandmother is a hoot! I'm German/Irish/Korean, so it's really hard to let go of grudges (though I try, really, really hard). I'll try your grandmother's me method and see how it goes. ;)