Monday, January 26, 2009

Parking Lot Problem

Even before the ice and sleet today, the Evil Corporation's Parking Lot is a pretty tough place. So many people speed through the parking lot that the Evil Corporation has put our rent-a-cop dragoons out with radar guns and notepads. The newsletter said that they weren't recording tag numbers, rather they were keeping a tally of average speeds in the parking lot. Yeah ... right. Since we had ANOTHER employee hit by a speeding car in the parking lot, the Workman's Compensation Squad is now busy "cleaning up this hostile work environment."

As noble as that sentiment is ... Oh SNAP! ... this is what I saw yesterday morning.

The "one way" traffic sign wasn't even bent. It was literally torn off its welds by a car attempting to travel the wrong way through a lane of cars and then swipe through a painted area marked for pedestrians.

Bump, bump, bump ... another one bites the dust.


Amber Star said...

And another one bites the dust...*getting all Queen for a minute* Glad I don't work where you do! Those little signs are made to break off like that, but dang in the parking careful out there.

Ya'll got ice today? We, here in Fort Worth, are supposed to start icing about 5am. Oh boy. I nearly fainted when I realized there aren't any marshmallows in the house. I think I could make some.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know where you've been keeping your blog. Actually it is very interesting and smart.

Brandy Rose said...


Oh dear, that looks bad. And now I have that "another one bites the dusst" song stuck in my head.

See how I'm doing the letter thing, which I think is awesome?



Maria said...

Wow...people getting gunned down in parking lots? Maybe y'all need some anger management classes? :)

I work in a pretty bad part of the city. There is a small parking lot in the back of our building, but you can't always get out if someone decides to park in back of you when they go to the bar a few doors down. So, I try to park on the street in front of the clinic. A homeless man is usually sitting on my bumper when I leave work. He says he is "guarding" the car for me. So..I drop him off at the shelter nearly every evening. Wow..I just realized that I may have a blog post here...

Employee No. 3699 said...

Sounds like those big speed bumps may be in order.

Leni said...

Wow you've written a lot lately, Skeeter!

Too bad that these things happen in a parking lot! We don't have many of those over here (most of them are underground, we're short of space), but strange things happen too.

And last but not least, best wishes to your Sunshine; I hope she gets well soon (I don't doubt she will, so very well looked after!). ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Sorry, Leni it's me, just with another different account (why on earth do i have 4 email accounts???)