Sunday, August 17, 2008

P is for Princess by the Sea

My brother, Sean, and I left my home in Norman, Oklahoma, just after 4:00am last Monday. It was sprinkling. We filled up with gas and set off on our motorcycle adventure. Four miles later, it was pouring down rain. The rain let up just before Little Rock, Arkansas.

We eventually arrived at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. We had always wanted to visit the home of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll.

It is much smaller than I thought it would be. The rooms are weirdly decorated. They are jammed with Elvis memorabilia. There are a whole lot more gold and platinum records than I thought there would be. There are a whole bunch of fans that wish there were more.

We paid our respects and moved along. Sadly, this last weekend was the anniversary of Elvis' passing.

We rode the rest of the day and then on through the night. We finished up in Lexington, South Carolina. Almost 1200 miles accomplished in just a few minutes under 24 hours time. We met some interesting characters along the way, but that's another story altogether.

After getting plenty of rest, we continued on our journey toward the sea. A couple of hours later, we were at the seashore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

And just to prove the point, here's the Atlantic Ocean rolling over my neon white foot.

It wasn't all rainclouds and gloom. A little Sunshine smiled upon us. Well, just enough to leave a few footprints on the beach without an umbrella.

I found a little Princess on the beach.

She waved goodbye to us from her new sand castle home. I hope that someone else found her and took her home with them.


Eva said...

I am certain that your Princess was snatched up by some appreciative little girl. And thank you for sharing the pictures from Graceland! It sounds like your motorcycle trip has been a success! Adventurous, but a success!

TerriRainer said...
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TerriRainer said...

But did you find any seashells by the seashore?

:) Terri

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

That was quiet a ride for u...
I wish to visit the place(Elvis's house)someday...
It comes on number 2 after Rome(I always thought I wud go there but never managed to) on my wishlist.

BTW, the pictures are really nice especially, the footprints and the one by the sea-shore.
Take Care

Harshita said...

BTW I have changed my blog name and link due to some personal reasons.Please update the blogroll on ur blog.


Sunshine said...

The footprints are something to remember. I would cherish that time for many years to come. Glad the trip was good for you and your brother. Would love to be with you on your next trip, minus the injury. Lots of love for you Skeeter. Your sunshine :-)

Sunshine said...
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Mrs4444 said...

She's cute! I hope you gave her a ride on your bike! Hopefully, I won't be struck dead for saying this, but many people I've spoken with about Graceland say that it's a dive, in a crappy neighborhood. I've never been there; liked Elvis just fine but have no curiosity about his home. What do you think? Would you highly recommend it?

Lavinia said...

That princess is soooooo cute! and so unexpected as I read your, this is so cleverly done....Elvis....Graceland....Myrtle Beach.....the beach...the sand...and the princess. You are very clever. That is a *lot* of motorcycle riding!

zirelda said...

Did you make the sandcastle for the princess?