Monday, August 18, 2008

Q is for Quite Nice

Kookaburraa asked what kind of motorcycles my brother, Sean, and I rode. Here they are:

The silver Honda Silverwing in front is mine. Sean is on his Yamaha FJR.

We found a great new place to eat - Ichiro's Japanese Steak House, 4545 Hwy 501, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We had the steak and scallops and they were great. The portions were HUGE and tasty. The next most surprising thing was the price - it was very reasonable for this type of food. Of course this is a Japanese steak place so the show at the grill was something to see. If you open the link to their MySpace website you'll see a guy flipping a spatula and a knife in the YouTube video. That guy cooked our food. He was great. If you get a chance to visit Myrtle Beach, set aside an evening to visit Ichiro's. You'll be glad you did.

One place that Sean and I always visit whenever we are in the neighborhood is Kelt's Pub and Restaurant, 119 West Main Street, in Altus, Arkansas. It's a fun little place with an Irish theme, great food and ice cold beer. If you come after 5:00 pm, they'll hand you a dinner menu. The ribeye steak is absolutely wonderful. It comes with all the trimmings, potatoes, veggies and dipping sauces. If you can visit on Sunday afternoon, they have a brunch that totally rocks. Order the Laird's Breakfast and take photos of the plate when it comes because what you see is the way the Almighty himself intended steak and eggs to be.

Any time a person visits Altus, Arkansas, it is customary to stop at some of the local wineries. There are a couple I always recommend. Mount Bethel is a small, out of the way place that excels in friendliness and great wines. I have always come away from the store with a good bottle of wine or two and a fun story about the region. The Wiederkehr Wine Cellar is much larger and they have a free tour of the place. They are good, but commercial.


Harshita said...

Hmm I am game for such information...:)
BTW the bikes are cool...especially the one in focus...

Maria said...

Wow...boys on bikes eating at great restaurants...

Sounds like a guy's dream come true.

Robyn said...

Skeeter! I am so glad you are back you have been missed something terrible! least by me!
Great bad there isn't one of you well at least with a helmet on!
Come and read all about PART II of mystery trip! And there will be a PART III as well (our eating pleasure)! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to see you there!

Lavinia said...

All this talk about steak is reminding me that I haven't sunk my teeth into a good rib-sticking steak for a while....too long, actually....

I would love to visit any of these places but the Japanese place sounds especially all Japanese steak done teriyaki style?

Eva said...

Mmmmm...rib eye steak. If you could swing on over here on your cool motorcycle to pick me up, I'll treat us to some steaks!