Tuesday, August 19, 2008

R is for REAL Good

Something that Maria said sparked my imagination. There are certainly things that guys do, think and believe ... because we were programmed from birth to think this way. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, I shall offer you a short insight into that.

1. Anything can be fixed (or alternatively, improved). Any tool used to effect same can be employed using this simple bit of logic - Rightie-Tightie, Leftie-Loosie.

Try it with a wrench, socket driver, or pliers. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

2. If something isn't moving and it should be ... poke it with a stick. for example, here is a jellyfish on the beach.

Because it is not moving, and clearly should be, here are two guys poking it with a stick.

BAM! Problem solved.

3. Meat and potatoes are Essential for Life.

Accessorize with dipping sauces because it is the right thing to do.

4. Girls are REAL good.

REAL girls are the BEST.

Life is very, very good.


Harshita said...

Ha ha...I simply loved this one. I agree with all the pointers here. :)
I have grown up with 3 brothers and I know how men are like especially the Mr. Fix-it part they play...


NouveauBlogger said...

LOL - great post. "If it isn't moving and it should be, poke it with a stick" Funny Stuff! Does that apply for lazy co-workers too?

TerriRainer said...

If you're a girl, a hammer, super-glue and duct tape will fix ANYTHING!

I think poking things is mainly a guy thing, well, SOME girls are into that sorta thing too.

And I will argue that a real MAN is better! But you can't beat a thick, juicy steak....tube or otherwise (evil grin).

:) Terri

Harshita said...

Guess wat? You have been awarded Skeeter...Get your award on my blog... ;)

Lavinia said...

Oh I LOVE this lighthearted post! So cute and amusing...the pics too....a real "guy" thing explained for us.......wot a hoot...

Maria said...

I'm with you on the bit about meat and potatoes. Of course, I live with a near vegetarian, so I don't get to dive in nearly enough...

zirelda said...

I like that. If something isn't moving and should be, poke it with a stick. :)

I always thought that if I gave my ex a roll of duct tape he'd be happy till it was all gone...

Dan, on the other hand, wants power tools. And lots of screws.....

CIELO said...

Cute post! As usual. You are such a special guy; I can see a happy girl around you; that's for sure!

Thanks for all your warm wishes and concerns while I was gone. I'm back home now.



Suzanne said...

Wow, did I miss all that?! Holy crap! Well, I'm caught up now, so don't give me any flack.

Okay. First. I'm the one with all the tools and know how to use them. Why? I don't know. Perhaps because I'm the artist and Rob's the lawyer. He is NOT mechanically inclined in any sense of the word, nor is he interested. If I welded his pants to a fence he'd wait for a judge to set him free then they'd go play tennis. Go figure. How does a girl like me end up with a guy like that? "Once upon a time,in the Catskill Mountains, a girl met a boy at the Alps Festival..."

Yes, of course I know you're laughing. Hey, it's me! What do you expect? I would never let you down. And yes, of course it's a true story. Now about the motorcycle trip. Very "pretty" bike. I'm impressed. Still waiting for a photo of you, but I'm a patient woman. You're brother is good looking on his bike, but the photo doesn't really enlarge so I'm not too sure. It's a guess. And you love babies. You're a keeper. And you're romantic. Already knew that, but just to be reminded is awesome. I adore the relationship you have with your wife. And yes, "girls are good." "REAL" girls even better. You're a keeper! Oh, and Elvis. My mother would smother you in her breasts while hugging you to death. I'm not even going to tell her or direct her to the photos. She'd weep.

Did I miss anything? Hope not. Love you sweetie. Welcome home after a wonderful trip and rain's good. Get's the stank off! Oh, and one more thing. Perhaps you should have a PETA link.

XO Suze ;)

Eva said...

When did you get to R?!?!?! Wow, you are plowing through the alphabet! Nice work!

After an ex-boyfriend shared the Rightie/Tightie thing with me, I've never had to accidentally go the wrong way again! And I say it in my head every time. And another thing: I have a toolbox in my hall closet that would put many men's toolboxes to shame!

I loved the poke it with a stick one too. That is a totally genetic thing with guys. My 2 year old has been doing that since he could stand up!