Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hopeful Friday Fragments

Hi! This is a combination post for Friday Fragments and Hopeful Friday. Hope you don't mind.

We had some punch and cake for a colleague who is travelling today to India to hold her newly adopted daughter for the very first time. The newborn girl is going to a very good and loving home.

A few weeks ago, another of our colleagues discovered that our workplace rules treat pregnancy as a "workplace injury" ... complete with all benefits and entitlements. Yes, she has become "injured" ... in a most particular way. No, I really didn't want to know the particulars. Please for the Love of God, stop talking on the telephone while eating popcorn AND describing the particulars.

Had to go to the Dentist today. Old cracked filling out, new crown in ... ouch!


CIELO said...

Funny guy you! :)

Love ya... and a happy Hopeful Friday to you....

"Let us get our instruments tightly strung and our melodies sweetly sung. Let us not die with our music still in us."
~Spencer W. Kimbell.


pd: love that pink cake!

Anonymous said...

An adoption is such a wonderful thing. The cake is so sweet!

Virginia said...

An adoption, what a marvelous gift!
Enjoy your post.
Blessings, Virginia

Lavinia said...

How sweet of you coworkers to do this for your 'expecting' colleague. I hope all goes better than well in India. That is exciting news.

Sorry about the tooth woes. Don't get me started on dental matters!!

Leah said...

Eeew, one likes those...

Suzanne said...

Why do my friend follow me around? Yes, of course I'm laughing because technically I'm following them. Yikes!

Hi honey. Hope your tooth feels better. I have only horrible dental stories and I'm alive to prove it.

What a beautiful pink cake. You know how I adore pink. I assume they're adopting a boy. Wink, wink, "You betcha!" No, I can't help myself because she's sucked my brain clear out of my head. Seriously though, good luck to your coworker. Safe trip and all that. I assume the wee one will have an amazing life (and so will the parents!).

Love ya,

zirelda said...

Oh ow on the crown.

Pregnancy is a workplace injury? Makes me wonder exactly where she got pregnant. Janitor's closet?


Harshita said...

He are ur usual funny-self in the post :)

The gesture of celebrating for someone whoz abt to leave to see his newborn is really sweet :)

As for 'workplace injury''t it weirdly funny!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Maria said...

I feel your pain about teeth. I have SEVEN crowns. Yup. Both of my parents had dentures by the time they were 30 and I inherited their lousy teeth. I think it would have been much cheaper for me to have just gotten dentures. With my new job, I finally have excellent dental insurance, though. About time!

TerriRainer said...

Ewwww a crown...wait, there seems to be a theme with you.

Maybe it was just that post about the darn sundress and pearls you were gonna break out, but I do see a pattern.


:) Terri

kylie said...

i went to the dentist on friday, too
just a clean and check up, no work needed this time
phew ! :)

have a good weekend