Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tuesdays With Bob

Last Tuesday, Mrs. Skeeter and I went to the Red Lobster here in Norman. We had some of the never ending shrimp special and a treat - every Tuesday the University of Oklahoam Football Coach Bob Stoops and Big Bob Berry put on a radio talk show. The subject is, of course, Oklahoma Sooners football. Bob Stoops is on the right in shadow signing autographs from adoring Sooner fans. Big Bob Berry is in the middle with headphones and a white shirt. This season life is very good and our beloved Sooners are #1 in the nation!

It was a great visit and we had a lot of fun during the show. They asked people at the restaurant to write some questions on cards. The question cards were screened and a few were chosen by the screener for Coach Stoops to answer. My question card was the third one picked. My question was - Tell us something about the strenght and conditioning program. Coach Stoops gave a very long and detailed answer. If you were listening to the show, then you'll know my name coz Big Bob Berry said it on the radio.

This Tuesday's show will focus on how we can defeat arch-rival Texas. The crowd down at the Red Lobster will be large and spirited. The big game will be held this Saturday in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. That game is the biggest event of the Texas State Fair. If you haven't been to the big game or the Texas State Fair, you're really missing something.

With our hopes for another chance to play for the National Championship in the balance, all I can say is ... Texas sucks!

Boomer Sooner!!


Serene said...

Aha! That was a gr8 tuesday :)

I remember I met my favourite cartoonist at an event...and when he addressed me and answered my queries...I was simply floored.

Have fun

Suzanne said...

I remember posting about UCLA in the final 4. They ended up #1 in the nation. Didn't get a single comment!!! But I didn't care. Hey!!! A house just down the street has an Oklahoma banner out front. I assume it's for the most obvious reason. Hey!!! Good luck to you. I know how it feels.

I stopped by to tell you I love you baby. Cece wrote something at the Wild Onion to remind me to tell you. She's losing her dad and it's a difficult time. Her post was poignant. I love you Skeeter. Thanks for gracing my life.


TerriRainer said...

BOOMER SOONER Babeeeeeeeeee! Gonna be a great game Saturday!!!

:) Terri

nebraska girl said...

Good luck to the Sooners. I'm hoping we can rebuild the Huskers and that one day the NU-OU game will be the big deal that it used to be.

skoots1mom said...

My daddy used to call me "skeeter"

my nephew lived in Norman for a while...he was studying meteorology at U/O ... he loved the West and he loved to travel around to the neighboring states, too.

ohhhhhh, shrimp fav!

congrats on your football season! I love fall college ball...enjoy the game on Saturday.

Lavinia said...

They closed down the Red Lobster chain up here in Toronto. Do they still have bottomless soup and salad?

zirelda said...

And a good time was had by all. :)

Technonana said...

Just dropping by to see what's up...
Go Sooners!!
We love College football!! I have a young blogging friend in Canada that wants to come down and experience tailgating!!! LOL