Thursday, January 28, 2010

DublinFor Dinner

Went to Dublin for dinner tonight. No, not the real Dublin, but a jumpin little place with the same name, The Dublin Pub.

They claim to pour the perfect pint. The criteria for the perfect pint are posted all around the place ....

So it only seems natural to have some cheese fries and apply the test ...

I ordered the Beef Stew. The service was great and my order came quickly.

The dish was something to see. It was packed with beef and vegatables and slathered in a Guinness gravy. It wasn't a traditional beef stew where the pieces are swimming in a brown or red sauce, hoping to be noticed, and tasted individually. This one had big chunks of everything, big redskin potatoes, and TASTE! It worked. Maybe it worked too well coz I was stuffed before I ever came close to the bottom of the bowl.

Here's another dish that looked interesting - the Bully Beef Shot. It's cut of roast beef heaped on a dollop of mashed potatoes. Yes, it's got gravy and lots of it.

Highly recommend a visit. Set enough time aside to eat, drink and catch a game of rugby or something interesting. The atmosphere is a little louder than it needs to be, but not obnoxiously so. Great service and great times.

The Dublin Pub
300 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, OH 45410-1116
(937) 224-7822


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Skeeter, it's nice to have a bit of Dublin in the States! I love Guiness! I hope you enjoyed your meal!

Amber Star said...

The food looks good and there is plenty of it! Wow! A big plate of beef stew would taste pretty good tonight. It's sort of cold here and way cold in Oklahoma tonight.

Mel said...

Wow--looks like what himself calls 'stew'..... You oughta see his goulash.
It's paprika red, no tomatoes or pasta....but omg is it delicious. :-)

k.....I'm now hungry for goulash.....