Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess Who Came To Town?

Have you ever encountered someone famous on the road? Maybe not them so much as their guitar? I did.

Turns out that Brad Paisley came to Oklahoma City last Friday. He's a country music performer. The show was a big success. Makes me wonder who I'll meet next.

Have you ever bumped into a celebrity?


Amber Star said...

That is a truck, darlin', not a guitar. Come on down to Fort Worth and I'll take you out to Billy Bob's and show you a world of guitars. Willie Nelson was out there this past weekend.

I met Randy Quaid once at an airport, but that is another story.

Leni Qinan said...

WOW Skeeter, i hope you enjoyed the concert! What a nice truck!
I never bumped into a celebrity, but my brother did: he was walking in the streets of NY and he saw on his way Cameron Díaz jogging. He looked at her, pointed at her not believing who she was, absolutely delighted and shocked. She waved goodbye and gave him a beautiful smile. He will never forget it, i suppose.

NouveauBlogger said...

I witnessed the Miley Cyrus caravan in downtown Hartford one time. Oh, and Rascal Flats 3 big trucks down at Foxwoods Casino.

Bachelor said...

So how was the meeting? Was he friendly? Never had the opportunity to meet anyone celebrated.... but you neva neva know what lurks around the corner :) Take care, and continue to have some fun! The Bach

teenie said...

I actually bumped into the oh so famous Keith Caradine!! I was in a grocery store in circa 1986, totally focused on my shopping, when I rounded the corner of an aisle and bumped my cart into a cart. I excused myself and my cart and proceeded on my way. I remember feeling sorry for the guy because his wife and child were having an issue and he looked uncomfortable. ANYWAY, an aisle later, I realized that the man was indeed Keith Caradine. He was in town filming a movie with JoBeth Williams at the time. It was a moment!