Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Say NO!

Kia! So many features ...

  • Sleek styling.

  • Snow storm WHITE screams "Find me" in a crowded parking lot.

  • Low CO2 footprint - a benefit of having hamster wheels for an engine.

  • An "in the cab" turbo button: ON for air conditioning, OFF for the power to merge onto freeway.

  • A spacious trunk - it can hold TWO bags of peanut M&Ms at the SAME TIME!

Oh yeah ... NO!


kylie said...

and here was i looking forward to a food post...........

Leni Qinan said...

(*cracks up laughing*) Skeeter, that's my father in law's car. It's indeed tiny as you describe, but he better have something like this (he's 86) rather than a big one! LOL.

But it's cheap -there's crisis-, it drives and it's small -if you have parking problems, that's important-. So it's great for youngsters and grannies.

I have a Mazda 6, quite bigger and very reliable. Drove all over Europe with it last summer and never had a single problem since I bought it, 4 years ago. I love cars and I like to drive. If I could, I'd buy myself an Audi A3 or a small Lexus. BMWs are great too, but my budget is not that huge, so I think I'll keep the Mazda for the moment, LOL.

I couldn't agree more with you on the KIA!

Maria said...

I piss my partner off all the time by insisting that I would LOVE a Hummer and I honestly would. I hate Winter driving and I would love to have a big bad ass vehicle to plow through anything.

Amber Star said...

Thanks for the heads up about the KIA. *L* We have been looking at another kind of car. Bet you are glad to be home!

I'm always intrigued by water and cold. I haven't done this, but my cousin who used to live in North Pole Alaska tried throwing a glass of water into the air. It vaporized before hitting the ground. It was VERY cold up there.
That almost looks like hoar frost on the antennae. Here is a link to some pictures of hoar frost.

I'm almost positive I've seen it in my freezer. *L*