Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally got home ... to a giant snowstorm. The memory card on my phone's camera gave up the ghost, taking several really cool images of the snow and ice with it. Replaced the card and took a few pix to test it out. Here's one of them. I've seen snow and ice make many strange formations, but this one is one of coolest. So much moisture in the air!

What's the coolest thing you've seen built by Nature using water and cold?


Anonymous said...

This is way too cool. Great shot!!
Thanks for sharing. You better get warm and cozy; it looks cold out there! The Bach

zirelda said...

oh that looks cold!

When I lived in Gunnison there was a guy that would put a spigot out on his lawn and leave it running. by the end of February, the ice mountain was about 10 feet tall.

that was cool.

Mel said...

Ohhhh.....suddenly I wanna make an ice mountain!
Very cool picture, btw.

Hoar frost makes the most awesome things--the fog gave everything a spiked, frosted look. It was amazing....

Leni Qinan said...

Amazing! Looks like the ends of a carpet! We dont get much snow here, Skeeter (I think the coolest thing I've seen was Han Solo on Star Wars frozen in carbonite, but I'm afraid that doesn't count. ;)