Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dimsum anyone?

While in Chicago, we wanted to have some dim sum. If you haven't tried dim sum before, it is a unique dining experience. Traditional Cantonese goods are prepared in small portions and delivered right to your table on carts. You can see the foods and pick which ones you want to eat as they pass by. It's like snacking through a meal.

The Phoenix Restaurant in Chicago, is at 2131 S. Archer Avenue (between 21st St & Cermak Rd), and was on our way back to Midway, so we stopped by and had a late lunch.

The serve dim sum daily on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 3PM and Monday through Friday from 9AM to 3PM.

We started off by choosing a number of dishes from a picture menu ...

and then finished by choosing dishes as they came by. Sometimes the best part of a meal is the adventure that comes with it. Be brave, buckle up, and hang on kids, here we go ...

Some tasty shrimp shu mai

The stewed beef stomachs with turnips

Spicey pork riblets

A little tripe

An excellent pork shu mai. This was the best dish in the house!

A little bowl of garlic chicken's feet.

And last but not least, some Chinese chitlins

It was all good, and I would certainly visit this place again, but there is no place like home for me. The best dim sum I have ever had in this country in right here in Oklahoma City at the Grand House Restaurant. Come on down ya all. You can find us there one weekend of every month during the lunch time dim sum!


Cinnamon said...

Hi Skeeter- nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for dropping by- curiosity made me return the call :)

I like your blog- not sure about the beef stomachs though! If ever I am in Oklahoma City (which will probably be never), I will drop by the Grand House to try some dimsum for real.

I was interested to see your other blog- the book review one. I'll be back to check it out some more. We have a virtual book club starting up- hopefully soon to become 'public'- it would be great if you wished to read along.

I am sorry to read that someone in your 'circle' is going through chemo. My sister has just been through this. (I don't talk about it much on my blog because she reads it). I do hope your friend/relative pulls through- I will be thinking of you :)

Best wishes


Leah said...

I love dim sum. Oh, do I love it.

kylie said...

i love it too!!
only here we call it yum cha and it never starts before ten, usually eleven.

my then boy friend, now husband first took me to yum cha 20 years ago and for many years i would usually be the only white face in the restaurant but last time i was having dim sum everyone but the staff was gwailo (white ghost)

how things change

great post skeeter


Amber Star said...

I've never had the opportunity to try dim sum, but might after your glowing report, but not the tripe one. No no no.

Grass said...

Uhmm, those pictures make me hungry. Lucky for me, I live in a country so proximal to China that those dim sum you ate are quite common here. My favorite Chinese restaurant near my place is Mandarin Tea House which serve these in steaming bamboo pots.


Mel said...


You're talking to a woman who can't deal with her food even touching!

Ewwww..uhuh, nope, PASS!

But I'm sure glad you enjoyed yourself.

Megan said...

I've never tried it. I should!

Lavinia said...

Making me hungry......