Friday, March 06, 2009

Memes and Eggs in the Nest

Technonana tagged me with a picture meme. I am to post the sixth picture in the sixth folder on my desktop as part of the "cyber-game" and write a post about the picture. That 6th directory is named "Internet Wisdom" and it is where I keep pictures with captions that I find while searching the net.

It seems so appropriate now. Working for the Evil Corporation can make one feel this way, but Miss Sunshine really helped put things into perspective. This is the Lent season and we are striving to be more thoughtful and prayerful. She advised me to look at my pay stub and be thankful that I have a good job in these hard times. It's true and I am thankful. She also thought that maybe the reason they gave me a raise last time was to put up with more of their crap.

Isn't she the greatest???

Got a surprise this morning. Saw this in the birdcage.

The birds have been busy! This nest is at the top of my flight cage. The birds love that cage because there is plenty of room to fly and perform their aerobatics. Maybe soon there will be a few more birds to enjoy it. The volume of eggs is the same as that of a bird. One of the female birds must be completely empty, just an air filled feather sack. Maybe the guilty party will burp will I feed them this morning :-)


Technonana said...

Both pictures are great!! Sunshine sure seems to have a good prespective on the job situation.
Everyone who has a job during this time, should be thankful!! It took Karen(My youngest) almost 4months to find a new job, but she loves it!!
The eggs remind me that Spring is on it's way!! Praise be The Name of the Lord for New Beginnings!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Wow, baby birds? I hope you'll post pictures. And I agree with Technonana, it does remind us that Spring is coming.

Have a great weekend!

Leni Qinan said...

Indeed, spring is coming!
Feed the birds, Skeeter, it seems there will be a lot of babies this year! The parents will be busy!

Amber Star said...

I agree with your Sunshine about being very grateful for having work to do and getting paid for it.

Oh the joy of is my favorite time of the year. I truly love the new growth in the garden and eggs in the nest.

The dog picture is great. I wouldn't know where to find the
6th folder on my computer.

Lavinia said...

So thrilling to find real eggs! your picture...yeah, that's me on a bad day!